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Social & Technical Responsibility

Social & Technical Responsibility

Environment Policy

To control the hazardous effects on environment, we are committed to reduce the impact of waste during the process - by continuous improvement in techniques. Our objective is to commit and adhere to all the regulatory requirements of Pollution Control Board. We regularly train our employees by recycling the materials to accomplish our goal.


Child Labour Prohibition

Our firm stands strictly against child labour. We believe that "A child is meant to learn and not to earn." We do not hire anyone in our company who is under 18 years of age.

Productivity Philosophy

We focus on effective workplace organisation,  helps simplify the workplace environment and reduce waste, while improving quality and safety.

  • SEIRI (SORT) - Seiri in Japanese means Sorting through everything in each work area i.e. to put things in order. We first of all clearly distinguish the needed items from unneeded and eliminate the latter.

  • SEITON (STRAIGHTEN) - Seiton means straighten or systemise i.e. proper arrangement of things for efficient retrieval and return to its proper place. We keep all the needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval. 

  • SEISO (SHINE) - Seiso means to shine or clean. It implies keeping things clean and polished in the workplace. We always make sure that the workplace is always neat and clean. Regular cleaning and inspection makes it easy to spot lubricant leaks, equipment misalignment, breakage etc.

  • SEIKETSU (STANDARDIZE) - Seikitshu means to standardize. It implies purity and focuses on maintaining cleanliness and perpetual cleaning. This is the method with which "sort", "straighten" and "shine" are made habitual. Organisations must develop a work structure that will support the new practices and turn them into habits.

  • SHITSUKE (SUSTAIN) - Shitsukhe means Sustain. This implies continuous training and maintenance of standards. There will have to be continuous education about maintaining standards through posters and signs.